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Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Activated Carbon Treatment

Activated Carbon Treatment For Spirits

For color, odor, or taste corrections after distillation, dilution and blending, Pall offers filter sheets and SUPRAdisc lenticular modules impregnated with activated carbon. These filters have an extremely high adsorptive capacity with up to 60 percent activated carbon in the filter sheet matrix. The activated carbon is integrated within the filter matrix without the use of binding agents to maintain adsorptive capacity. These products provide simple and hygienic treatment with activated carbon.


Activated carbon treatment has long been used in distilleries for removal of off color, taste and flavor of spirits. There are different carbon treatment methods available to distillers including manual addition of carbon powder or granules and carbon packed columns. Manual addition of carbon is frequently used for large batch or continuous operation. While low cost and effective, it is labor intensive and messy. Carbon columns, while easier to use, often bleed carbon downstream and can require frequent regeneration.


As an alternative, carbon impregnated SUPRAdisc™ AKS Series filters make for easier to handle and more hygienic carbon treatment of small spirit batches with modules that fit directly into enclosed filter housings.  Additionally, AKS Series flat filter sheets are also available in standard sizes that can fit directly into an existing plate and frame filter system.


SUPRAdisc AKS Series Modules and AKS Series Filter Sheets


Seitz® AKS series depth filter sheets were developed to satisfy carbon adsorption applications in the food and beverage industry including removal of off color, flavor and odor.


Powdered activated carbon (PAC) is widely used in the beverage industry for adsorption applications. The use of bulk PAC has significant drawbacks relating to the handling of bulk carbon powder, cleaning of the process equipment, as well as time and costs associated with carbon removal from the process.


Seitz AKS immobilized carbon filter media alleviates these concerns by incorporating activated carbon within a matrix of cellulosic fibers. This immobilized carbon media can be coupled with a downstream protective filter paper to prevent any possible carbon particle shedding downstream of the filter. Additionally, the adsorption efficiency of Seitz AKS immobilized carbon filter media is greater than an equivalent amount of bulk powdered activated carbon (PAC), reducing overall process time and increasing product yield. An internal comparative study using the same carbon grade showed up to 150% better color removal efficiency when compared to bulk PAC.


Pall makes AKS Series activated carbon impregnated filter solutions in both SUPRAdisc module and flat sheet configurations.  The SUPRAdisc formats have the benefit of and enclosed assembly making them more hygienic and easy to use.  Flat filter sheets are available in standard 400 X 400 mm and 600 X612 mm sizes to fit most existing plate and frame filter presses.