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Looking For A Declaration Of Compliance?

Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

QC & Microbial Detection - Spoilage

Protect your brand

Fast and easy method for yeast detection and identification

Monitoring yeast during cider production is critical to ensure quality product and brand protection. Yeast detection is commonly based on traditional culture method using selective enrichment, biochemical tests and microscopy. Conventional methods can be challenging because a high level of expertise is required and screening/identification may require up to 10 days. Pall’s GeneDisc® technology offers an innovative solution to accelerate the time to result. 


The role of yeast within fermentation is central for the production of fermented alcoholic beverages like cider. In addition to this beneficial role, yeast is also able to cause spoilage both during and after fermentation.


Spoilage yeast growth can affect cider’s chemical composition, generate off-flavors, undesirable aroma or altered appearance. It can also lead to broken bottles due to increasing pressure. Such spoilage can generate high economic losses and impact brand image.


Labor intensive and lengthy investigations after spoilage detection can generate further spoilage risks as origination can come from a wide variety of sources throughout the production process. Long investigations can increase losses as higher volume of spoiled product could be produced or production could be interrupted for a long period of time.


Pall’s GeneDisc® technologies help cider producers reduce spoilage risks with a solution that enables faster testing for quicker decisions to release final product and also at key control points in the process.


GeneDisc Technology for Detection and Identification of Yeast


GeneDisc technology allows wineries to implement rapid decision making processes and increase the speed of their spoilage investigations. Utilizing real-time PCR, GeneDisc testing can be done in as little as 2 hours.


The GeneDisc solution includes two discs that can be utilized to fit the requirements of specific cider producers. The screening plate enables testing for yeast-free samples that can be implemented on raw materials, at critical control during cider making process or for final product release after bottling.


The identification plate simultaneously detects and identifies the presence of 12 major spoilage yeast strains. These results can help troubleshoot the source of contamination for faster corrective action.