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Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Polish Filtration

Absorption. Surface. Depth Filtration.

Improved quality with enclosed SUPRA solutions

Polishing filtration is an important step in the cider process to prepare the cider for the packaging area. Sheet based filtration products are typically used to remove haze and colloids that may still be left in the cider. Filter sheets are comprised of a unique matrix of materials including cellulose, diatomaceous earth and perlite that provide an excellent combination of adsorption, surface and depth filtration.


While effective, flat filter sheets do have disadvantages. Filter sheets configured in a plate and frame unit are an open system. This potentially exposes the cider to oxygen and the risk of contamination from the outside environment. With multiple sheets assembled in parallel, installation and assembly is labor intensive. Additionally, with sealing dependent on the operator and equipment maintenance, edge leakage is common and results in product loss and unsanitary conditions.


Pall has responded to these drawbacks by introducing the SUPRApak™ depth filter module, the next generation sheet filter technology designed to give cider producers a superior option while reducing costs.


SUPRApak Depth Filter Modules

Filter sheets are comprised of a unique matrix of materials that provide an excellent combination of adsorption and depth filtration, making them an ideal solution for turbidity reduction and haze removal. However, increased demand for more environmentally compatible production processes and product quality in the food and beverage industry has intensified the need to seek out alternative solutions. At the same time, cost pressures demand that filter systems are simple to operate with low staffing costs.


In response to industry demand for alternatives to flat sheets, Pall has introduced the new SUPRApak filter module. Proven Seitz® sheet media is configured into a modular format that fits easily into an enclosed housing for safe, simple and hygienic.  'SUPRApak modules have a unique flow configuration called “edge flow” that maximizes adsorption capability, further enhancing filtrate quality.


SUPRAdisc™ II modules also provide an alternative to standard filter sheets and traditional lenticular modules for small production runs. This technology features inside-outside separator technology for increased mechanical stability so that modules can be back-flushed and regenerated for longer service life.


SUPRAdisc II Depth Filter Modules

Lenticular modules have a long history in food and beverage applications. They arose out of the need to package sheet-based depth filter technology in more user-friendly, closed systems, especially for small batch production applications. With high dirt holding capacity and filtration performance similar to filter sheets, lenticular modules provided an optimal and cost-effective solution for handling food and beverage fluids.


Classic stacked disc modules represent first generation module design. While the enclosed assembly offers benefits, there are performance disadvantages. Since the media is exposed, the integrity can be compromised during shipping, handling, installation and removal. Extra care must be taken to avoid damage. Additionally, individual cell proximity to one another is very close. During steaming, rinsing, or filtration, the cells may shift or warp causing individual cells to touch. This causes blinding of portions of each cell, which reduces the effective filtration area. Finally, classic stacked disc designs do not withstand any back pressure.  With only the downstream support layer, as little as 0.05 bar (0.7 psid) of back pressure can rupture the unsupported media in these modules.


SUPRAdisc II modules eliminate the disadvantages of the initial stacked disc modules. They offer increased capacity and reliability to satisfy customer requirements for a higher performing product.


The unique performance of the SUPRAdisc II modules is due to its double separator design which provides both upstream and downstream support for the filter media. The media is individually sealed and separated in between polypropylene plates, which results in optimal flow through the available surface area and a mechanically robust module. Flow is possible in either the forward or reverse direction. Back-flushing can improve regeneration and increase service life, and the design minimizes the risk of media buckling or tearing if the modules are subjected to reverse pressure or pressure shocks which may occur when the filters are positioned directly upstream of the bottling line. Additionally with the separators acting as a cage, the media is not exposed, which facilitates module handling and filter change-outs.


Seitz® K Series flat filter sheets can also be used for polishing filtration at customers that plan to utilize an existing plate and frame filter press. Sheets are available in standard 400 X 400 mm and 600 X 612 sizes.  


Seitz K Series Depth Filter Sheets

Seitz K series depth filter sheets were developed to meet the entire range of removal requirements for the food and beverage industry. Typically grades K100 through K250 are used for cider polishing applications.

From the selection and quality control of raw materials to application of the latest production technologies, the K filter sheets meet the highest quality standards.