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Looking For A Declaration Of Compliance?

Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Beer Final Filtration

Beer Final Filtration for Pasteurizer Replacement

Brewers typically encounter impacts of flavor and taste stability when they apply thermal treatment for microbial stabilization to their beer. Often, this part of the process can affect the unique flavors of the beer. Pall advanced final filtration systems are specifically engineered to ensure maximum microbial safety with a smooth and precise filtration process without interfering with a beer’s flavor, allowing brewers to consistently produce a high-quality product. 


Pall CFS (cluster filter systems) has been in industrial use since 1995 and is today the brewing industries’ reliable, economic successful technology for the microbial cold stabilization of beer. Over 250 installations have proven the concept of the cluster design. 


With CFS NEO Pall enters into the next level of beer final filtration with a new system design combined with advanced membrane regeneration.  The innovative cluster design allows


  • Low and gentle flux during beer filtration
  • High and robust flux during rinsing and cleaning
  • The advantages of the CFS NEO principle are
  • Prolonged service life of membranes
  • In-situ integrity testing
  • Individual cluster integrity diagnosis
  • Specific rinsing and regeneration with high specific flux velocity
  • Minimized rinsing time andwater consumption
  • Fast change out of filter elements after long service life
  • Controlled backflush
  • Minimized beer losses
  • Maximum biological safety permanent availability


The combination of the in-situ integrity testing of the cluster filter and the 100% integrity testing of membrane cartridges during manufacture lends the CFS to form a robust part of any brewery`s HACCP procedures – providing higher safety compared to thermal treatment at lower or equal cost. 


New developed cartridge regeneration procedure gives in combination with the cluster technology a maximum cartridge life and best OPEX in class.


CFS provides cold sterile beer filtration at the very last stage of brewing process, directly in front of the filling line for the safe and complete removal of all beer-spoiling microorganism from the product.